The Artist

Welcome, I am so glad you are here! I’m Kristina Fahey - Catholic artist, wife of Paul, and mom to five wonderful humans. I paint at my kitchen table, in the middle of the chaos of motherhood, laundry, and noise. I adore watercolors and am very drawn to creating contemporary, faith-inspired art that flows from my relationship with Jesus. One day I hope to have my own studio and to be able to dabble in other mediums. But for now, I love the simple and crazy of painting at home.

The Story

Art is a sanctuary for me - a sacred space. There is so much that I love about painting - it is joyful, it is a means of connection to others, and it is deeply part of me. The fact that I can create art AND raise a family is more than I could ask for. Creating art has been a deep source of healing for me after experiencing severe postpartum anxiety after my first four kids were born. After that, the Lord called me back to art in a dramatic way, and I am grateful on the daily for painting and mothering being what fills my hours. I try to create joyful art that communicates the deep goodness and love of God for each one of us. Ultimately my hope is to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide my work as I help people enter into a more profound encounter with the heart of God through Sacred Art.

The newsletter

For the past few years I have been sharing my heart, my paintings, my life and inspiration on my facebook page. A community has grown - one where I am able to inspire, encourage, pray for, and be inspired by others. I plan to continue this - just through this newsletter. I love to include my most recent artistic endeavors, updates on my life as a mom and artist, reflections on living my faith in the home, & more.

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Subscriptions to my newsletter are free. But the reason I created a Substack is so that people who love my art can more easily support me. If that’s you, please consider becoming a patron of my art! Your support is invaluable to my family. Because of you, I am able to grow as an artist, create meaningful art, & raise five kids.

I value you, your ideas, and the feedback you generously take the time to offer. Your dollars go to things like - paying the mortgage, buying groceries, and putting our kids through Catholic school. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Come along & never miss an update.

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Hi, I'm Kristina. I'm a Catholic artist helping Catholics who desire a deeper relationship with the Lord draw closer to the heart of God through my inspired watercolor paintings.


Catholic artist and mom of 5.